Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Checklist for the Perfect Blog Post

Checklist for the Perfect Blog Post:

"You work hard to create content – sometimes on the fly in the midst of the raging storm that is entrepreneurialism.
In the rush to get the thing out though you can diminish its impact through oversight and sloppiness. You might even do your brand more harm than good. And then all that hard work has less payoff."

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Lean Learning Laboratory

Join our Lean Learning Laboratory and work with masters and like minded professionals to learn a whole new approach to deliver high performance projects that is based upon best practices and lessons learned from the Lean Construction Industry. In our Integrated Projects Course you learn how to create a team and execute an IPD project, practice with the systems and collaborate with course participants to develop a PLAYBOOK for implementing an Integrated Project Delivery project. 

Lean is a new way of thinking that promotes collaboration, productive work flow and the elimination of waste.   Toyota who were pioneers of LEAN practices were able to transform and become the leader in automobile manufacturing.   Their book "The Toyota Way" the BIBLE for lean,  outlines the fourteen main principles that enables them to achieve operational excellence and become one of the most profitable manufacturing companies.   The Lean Construction Industry (LCI) has adopted these same principle and developed systems and processes for design and construction. In this module we will learn WHY Integrated Project Delivery is a far superior approach for managing a project.  How the The Last Planner System and Target Cost Design are used to optimize design and construction practice.  You will learn from case studies WHAT is achievable : 200% improvements in productivity, 40% less capital cost, 30% less operating cost and 20% more profit 

Estimated start date for this course is September 1, 2015.  Pre-Launch Sale will begin end of June, 2015. Spaces are limited.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Grand Opening of the Darren Cannell Art Gallery

Today is the grand opening of the Darren Cannell Art Gallery.

I have not sold any of my art for 20 or so years and I have decided to open up my gallery so pop by and take a look.

I sell
Canvas Print
Framed Print
Acrylic Print
Metal Print
Greeting Cards
Throw Pillows
Duvet Covers
Phone covers

Currently there is only 60 images in the gallery but that will increase in the next couple of days.

Art Gallery Grand Opening
Announcing the Grand Opening of Darren Cannell's Art Gallery. It has been 20 years since his artwork has been seen in a gallery and sold. He for many years sold his art around the world and has won numerous awards. 

Recently he has been dedicating his time to digital art and you will be able to see some of his works as they are posted. 

As this gallery is just opening make sure you check back often as he will continue to post new images and make them available for sale.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My book has reached number one. very book the combination of versions one and two has gone to number one in

It is number four in

That is in the free version, I hope it goes the same way in the paid version after all the reviews.  The reviews that will be done by the people that I have given a free book.  If you got a free book and you feel so inclined leave a review and thank you for do so.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Announce my Latest Free Book Give Away.

Hey Social Media Friends,

I just published this Kindle book called "Learning to Draw on the Tablet book 1 and 2 Combined" and I am giving it away for free on May 11-15 on

Do you think you could give it a look and help me out with a review if you think it deserves it? It would be super helpful:

If you have never given a review. This site explains how to do that.

Darren Cannell

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Who am I?

My unconventional thinking would be my greatest strength.  My approach to

education and my own education is innovative.  As an educator, I was recognized by

the Saskatchewan Teachers Association and awarded the Arbos Award for

Contributions to Education and the Teaching Profession.  It honours teachers who

have made outstanding contributions to education and the teaching profession that

are broad and significant in their scope and impact.  It is the highest honour

that the Saskatchewan teaching profession can bestow.
In my 31 years as an elementary,high school teacher and administrator, I never

stopped learning.  This life-long learning approach has served me well in the

challenge of teaching in today’s ever-changing world.  My selection of post-

secondary education institutions has ranged from traditional to unconventional.  I

began my education with a physical education and education degree in a traditional

university at Brock University.  My Masters was completed at the open university

Athabasca, and my last was a Ph.D. in Education at Northcentral, specializing in

e-learning and teaching online at this one-to-one mentoring university.  Both

graduate programs were through universities that are unique and innovative in

their approach to education.  The variety and location of these post-secondary

programs were the theoretical catalysts for my understanding of the educational

reform that is necessary for all learning institutions.    My extensive graduate

studies explored the educational research and has guided me to develop an

educational pedagogy that embraces and utilizes the challenges of teaching in the

information age.  My professional career as an educator has been enhanced and

reflected by my lifetime of learning.

Education reform is a challenge that I have embraced throughout my development of

the online school here in Saskatoon.  A school that moved from face to face

teaching with the brick and mortar school to an interactive digital internet

school.  The online school philosophy recognized that the teaching of content is

not the way to educate but the ability to find and identify reliable information

is necessary to navigate the information age.  The resistance to any educational

change is normal but when met with legitimate reasoning and research it is

possible.  Many of my online teachers in the Cyber School used their technology-

infused courses to change the way they approached their face to face teaching.

The information age challenge requires an entirely different approach to

education, one in which many colleges are implementing.  The launch of a

successful cyber school prepared me to assist in the changes and challenges the

colleges will be experiencing as it attempts to fulfill their mandate of preparing

the teachers for the new era.  I taught all subjects in elementary school for nine years, physical education and art for two years in a first nation high school and art for nine years in a mainstream high school.  In the last 14 years in my education career, I proposed, developed and administered the largest and most successful cyber school in the province that lead me to consult and present at many post-secondary institutions and conferences around the world.  This extensive career path touched upon all aspects of education in our society.

Jamieson McKenzie (1991) stated “Shifting from Industrial Age thinking and

teaching to Informational Age thinking and teaching is as dramatic an adjustment

as shifting from teaching in a classroom to teaching underwater.”  An information

age with connected students having instant information, communication, multimedia

and entertainment and social networking tools is a new era that teachers cannot

realistically compete using the current educational approaches.  Kindergarten to

Grade 12 education for centuries has been designed around a philosophy that starts

with the assumption that a predetermined number of students will all learn the

same thing at the same time from the same person in the same way in the same place

for several hours each day.  All of the above statements would lead one to believe

we have an education system in Canada which is broken.   However, Canada is

considered to have one of the top five education systems in the world.  A ranking

that we should be very proud of but it is also a concern because it is used by

many to resist changing a system that is designed around a foundation that is


Education cannot exist as a silo, the collaboration among all society stakeholders

is required.  The business community, K-12 schools, the healthcare community and

universities must work together to develop a process that will be the educational

system of the future.  I was able to see the strength of such collaboration while

developing the online high school and given the freedom to explore and try

different and unique approaches to education and work with a variety of


My ability and willingness to effect change within an organization is a strength.

My last position as the president of a software company was primarily analyzing,

evaluating, creating a new vision and then implementing the necessary changes.  I

am very quick to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop systems that

embrace the strengths and find solutions for the gaps.  I have much consulting

experience in post-secondary schools, adult education and training, business, and

secondary school in developing and adopting technology to enhance the strengths of

the organization.  Many times my role as a consultant has been to develop a

collaborative best practices approach to the existing systems and develop a

continuous improvement framework to push outcomes to the next level.  I have

worked with organizations monitoring, evaluating and training staff.  I have

planned entire programs from inception and launch to success and would embrace the

opportunity to assist in your future plans.

Contact me if you are looking for consultation or have a job that might interest


Dr. Darren Cannell

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I have seen a lot of online courses, and ours are not like them.

Many people believe that all you need to make an online course is a manual digitized, put online and attach a test and you have an online course..

Interaction, engagement and the effective use of multi-media will help many of these courses but even that does not explain how to make and effective course..

The following blog post says it better than I ever is worth a read.

How to Avoid Building Online Training That Wastes Time » The Rapid eLearning Blog: "Building an effective online training program requires packaging the right content with the right type of learning experience. However that often doesn’t happen because it’s easier to pull a lot of information together, create some slides, and then publish a course.

To top it off, many of these types of online courses are merely repacked content that already exists on the organization’s network. So instead of building a real learning experience, we’re just repurposing existing content."

TADOworldwide goes live on May 1, 2015...want to know more contact me at

Monday, 20 April 2015

Some dark facts about schools, is business professional development any better?

Education needs to reflect the reality of the students living in the information age.  Authentic activities have real-world relevance is the most critical in any educational environment.  A couple of high school student’s quote clarifies how they feel about the current educational system. “We have learned to 'play school'. “We study the right facts the night before the test so we achieve a passing grade and thus become a successful student."  “It’s not attention deficit – I’m just not listening” (Ferriter, 2007 ¶ 3)!

The current approach to education has resulted in a dropout rate of nine point four percent (2005) and only twenty-eight percent of 12th grade high school students believe that school work is meaningful.  Twenty one percent believe that their courses are interesting and a mere thirty-nine percent believe that school work will have any bearing on their success in later life. (Wirt, Choy, Gerald, Provasnik, Rooney and Watanabe, 2002 p. 20)  Students today according to Gardner (1983) are “interpersonal, logical, spacial, intrapersonal, musical, linguistic, naturalist and Bodily-kinisthetic learners”(p. 6).  However Prensky (2001) proposes that “Today’s students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach” (¶ 1).   Furdyk  (2007) states “teachers need to exist in the spaces the students exist, understand their culture.  You have no credibility if you are not where they are” (taken from a keynote).  The information age allows the students the opportunity to “create, consume, remix and share material with each other” as described by Rainie (2006,  ¶ 3). 

How many of us have sat through a day of professional development or training and walked away thinking that was a total waste of time.  A waste because we already knew the material or a waste because it did not apply to all equally.  

Pre-testing, challenging the exam, smaller modules can all be used to personalize individualize education and training.  This is not possible with all your employees gathered in a room for eight hours but it is possible online, with interactive material, testing tools and ever-changing might want to consider the TADOworldwide alternative to training...after all it is virtual and cheaper than what you are doing now.

If you would like to know the references for the above paragraph or more about TADOworldwide...drop me a

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Why should you use TADOworldwide to do your business training?

Why should you use TADOworldwide to do your business training?

The first reason and most powerful one in business is money, we can do it cheaper than you would be able to any other way.

Second we have been developing an online training system for over 15 years.

Our team is made up of educators, which is greatly lacking in many training events.

We have the ability to track your employee's activity and learning.

Our goal is to provide a solution to all your training needs now and in the future.  We are able to grow to be as big as you require and in the end you will save yourself money.

TADOworldwide business training virtual training center will come on line May 1 may want to contact us and get in on the savings before we go live.

Contact us at

Cyber School vs Business Training Virtual Center

How does the cyber school differ from the business training virtual center?  In actual fact very little.  The cyber school was designed to transfer information into the heads of  students in grade 10 to 12.   The cyber school has for 14 years using trail and error to teach all the subjects offered in any normal high school.  So, approaches and procedures fail greatly and some did not and in the end we found we can actually teach students high school subjects via the internet.  The flexibility of allowing students to take courses when they want, work at the speed they wish and work on mastering the material can be used in the business world as well.

All the above stuff means the cyber school when used with business employees should be able to teach the training needed in the business.  It can be done anytime and anywhere since it is done over the internet.  This means no bringing all the employees into a center, allowing them to work on it when they have down time.  In the end it should save the business some money.