Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Love this Quote

Diligence is the Path up the mountain of knowledge.
Hard work is the boat across the endless sea of learning.

Monday, 29 April 2019

A possible Canadian Elite Academy Coaching Professional development proposal

They will be able to watch the practice and we will share any plans we have available.  If I am not the one coaching then I will sit and explain the process, the drills and the approach as the practice are in progress.  All our practices are coed, and players are of all skill levels, we do not have academy teams so all instruction is individualized and designed to take a skill to the next level.  For each athlete, this level might be different.  The pre-brief will happen during the 15 minutes before and if the presenting coach wishes they will be available 15 minutes after the session to answer questions.  I would be available for most of the two hours to answer questions when I am not coaching, if I am coaching then I would invite the coach to join in with the practice as an assistant and then they can be involved with ball tossing and activity but a silent observer as the coaches are carefully selected by me for the sessions and are of a certain caliber.  If I know the coach and their level I might encourage them to be more vocally involved.  The coach during my sessions will be able to see the approach to skill development, the practice pace, how the instructions are given and the cues and feedback are given.  They will also see a wide variety of different drills to used to help instruct the skill being taught.  

Currently, we have this happening with a lot of different coaches and parents as we have open practices and anyone can watch and ask questions of the sessions.  Many bring notebooks and take notes during practice.  The only change I would make to process is the administration and registering the coaches before they attend to achieve the coaching professional development points.  We are asked to help complete teams with individual skills and we then attend their practices and the team coaches write down our whole process and pick and choose what they like and how they might incorporate it into their team practices.  We do this for free for the younger teams but older teams we charge for this service.  Our goal is not to make money but to help train the coaches and show them a different approach to running skill training.  For the younger teams, it is a form of advertising for the academy.  Currently, the success of the academy is based on the fact that team coaches spend so much time on building the team they do not get the opportunity to help with the individual skill training needed to build skilled volleyball players.  The whole mandate behind the academy is to break down the skills, spend two hours teaching a single skill, to give the athletes the skill instruction which they can then take and work on when they get a chance.  We try to fill in the gaps which when I coached teams, I found I did not have time to spend on individuals and single skills in the limited practice time.  A gap which is identified by the parents and athletes and given as the reason why they attend academy sessions  The academy tries to give the young athletes the foundation to develop the skill correctly so when they get older coaches are not spending their whole practice trying to break bad habits.

There are so many different ways to teach each of the different volleyball skills and using a variety of coaches allow the academy to share these different methods.  Different is not always wrong, but one method might work with one athlete and not with another.  The more coaches I get involved in the academy the more drills and approaches I have learned which has greatly improved my coaching and we would like to share this professional development with other coaches.  I know I am a visual learner and I have learned more about coaching volleyball by watching others coach during practices and I know there are others who also learn that way.  Hence our desire to formalize the professional development which is currently happening during the academy sessions.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Making the Cut Camp 2018

Without a doubt, this will be the best group of coaches I have ever worked with at a camp.  They have so much expertise and knowledge it is going to be such a great learning experience for myself never mind the athletes.  
We do have one or two spots left if anyone is interested in being a late entry into the camp.  Do it now so I can get you registration package together before the camp starts.

Here are the coaches and I think you will see what I mean about what a talented group it will be.

Here are the coaches and I think you will see what I mean about what a talented group it will be.

Dr. Darren Cannell Academy Head Coach
Darren has coached club volleyball for two decades. Was president of the Saskatchewan Volleyball Association for ten years and a Volleyball Canada Director for the same. He has coached the provincial team, CANAM teams, and national teams.
Darren played 5 years university volleyball in Ontario (nominated all Ontario), senior club player, beach and on the masters' national team.
Best way to contact us via email: saskatooneva@gmail.com
If you need further information or like the hear my voice call: 306-361-5206
Toaka Chie Imamura
Chie as a player in 1990 played in the Asian Junior Women's Volleyball Championship and won gold. She was awarded the best setter award. In 1991 she played in Women's U20 World Championship and won bronze. She was awarded the best setter award. In 1990 and 1994 she played for the University of Tsukaba Women's Volleyball Team. Tsukaba University was one of the top teams in Japan. In 1987 the Tsukaba University came to Saskatoon to play against the University of Saskatchewan and again in 1990 and Chie came with them. In 1994 Chie came to Saskatoon to be an assistant coach at the University of Saskatchewan. She has since that time coached Club volleyball, High school volleyball, Community volleyball and done individual practice in the province. By many, she is considered to be one of the best setter coaches in the province.
Michele McKeown
Michele has been involved with volleyball as a player and coach for over 30 years. She has won provincial championships at the high school, club, senior, master, and beach levels. She has won Western Canadian titles and National Championships at various times over her career and enjoys being part of the Team Canada Master’s program where she has traveled to tournaments in the U.S. and Greece. She loves to share her knowledge and passion for the game through her coaching at high school, club, and beach programs, but most importantly, enjoys creating opportunities for upcoming players to learn, understand, and gain her passion for the game of volleyball.
Bill Beaudry
Bill Beaudry has played volleyball for 35 years. The majority of that being co-ed adult volleyball. He has played a number of provincial and western Canadian tournaments along the journey. I started coaching at a young age in the late '80's. I've coached high school and post-secondary teams along the way. I have also coached other sports as well, such as soccer, softball, and hockey. But volleyball is my passion. Presently I coach the boy's program at BJM high school and am coaching a U15 men's club team. We are very lucky to have him sharing his expertise.
Rob Dziadyk
Rob has played volleyball for 35 years at various levels in Saskatchewan. Rob started in the club system in 1983 and continues to play at the Senior men’s level. Volleyball is his true passion though he has coached other sports like softball and soccer along the way. Rob has spent the past 4 years coaching with SMASH Volleyball Club and has assisted them to 2 Provincial titles and a Division 2 Western Canadian title. Rob recently mentored under Coach Dale Regal and enjoys sharing his passion for the game with upcoming players hoping to ignite that lifelong love for the game.
Don Laing
Don started coaching sports in 1978. He coached the provincial teams in the 1980s, school teams from 1979 until 2012 and club season for 25 years. He coached a year with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies 1984-85 as an assistant coach with head coach Frank Enns. He is presently retired and doing marathons, triathlon and bike touring. Don was also the past Saskatchewan Volleyball Association Coaching Pathway Coordinator.
Stacey Laing
Stacey has over 16 years of combined coach and player experience with the sport of volleyball. Stacey played high school volleyball with Carlton Comprehensive high school, and was selected to 6 Sask Provincial Teams, and played with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies. She is the winner of the Laurie Anne Leier Athletic and Academic Excellence Memorial Award through the Saskatchewan Volleyball Association. Currently, Stacey coaches with the Summit Volleyball program in Regina. Her focus and greatest knowledge base are with the setting position and she is eager to help develop young setters. She is an NCCP certified coach in volleyball, basketball, athletics, and gymnastics. She is also a CSEP certified CPT and CEP. As a coach, she has coached school, club, and provincial level teams. Stacey has a bachelors degree in Kinesiology and currently works as a Dream Broker for Sask Sport. She was named one of CBC's Top 40 Under 40 in 2015. Her greatest passion is helping youth see the benefits of the sport that goes beyond the playing surfaces in hopes of creating a lifelong love for the sport.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Free beach volleyball tourney


Sign up for the free beach volleyball doubles tourney. 

The beach might look slightly different than the image.

More like this but still nice...

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Canadian Elite Academy Newsletter

Canadian Elite Academy Newsletter


Contained in this Newsletter are two announcements.  The first announcement is the coaches who will be doing the Making the Cut Camp.  It is with great pleasure that I can announce a world-class group of coaches.  These are proven successful coaches who are used to working with the age of the camp participants.
The Head Coach is:  Dr. Darren Cannell
Michele McKeown
Toaka Chie Imamura
Don Laing (Past SVA Coaching Pathway Coordinator)
For more about these coaches see the CanadianEliteAcademy.com
The second announcement is the success of the Elite Academy Beach Competitive teams at the tournaments.  This last weekend in Prince Albert the entered teams had a gold, silver, two bronzes, and a sixth-place finish.  Congrats to Michele McKeown and all the teams on their success.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

My new book `Coaching Sports to Internet Brats.``

Coaching sports To Internet Brats
They’ve changed has your approach
Dr. Darren Cannell

When I was growing up, I walked uphill both ways to schools.  As I age I find myself making the ``As I was growing up statements more and more.``  Has the internet age altered the behavior of the kids today?  Are they different from thirty years ago?  Are they easier to coach in sports?  Dr. Darren Cannell will share some of his experiences over the 40 years of coaching at all level and in numerous sports.
—Abraham Lincoln once said the problem with Quotes on the Internet is that they are often not true.

I would like to dedicate this book to all the parents of children that I bad mouthed as I coached their children.  It was not until I had my own family that I found I should apologize to all those parents as even with five post-secondary degrees to my name, I was and am wholly unprepared to be a parent or a coach.  Keep this in mind as you read the suggestions in this book.  Anyone who acts like they have all the answers tend not to even know the questions.  This book will share experiences and attempt to identify some of these questions.

Author’s Notes
Thirty-one years as an educator, thirty plus years as a coach, 13 years of post-secondary education and I still have more questions than answers.  Many researchers out there are making claims that the youth of today have changed, they are not the same as they were 30 years ago.  They are lacking in many things, they are not as fit, they lack respect, dedication, attention span, family support, goals, friends, focus and the tools needed to become Elite Athletes.
Coaches today are frustrated when trying to motivate, train and create teams which will excel and for this reason, as I raise my own family, I have decided to start an Elite Academy for training my child and others in sports, arts, and academics.  I have been known to have very strong opinions on the participation, everyone gets a ribbon society that we have created.  The overprotective parents, the entitled children who are used to instant gratification.  The ones who’s motto ``is if at first you don’t succeed quit and try something else, don’t waste your time.`` The goal of this book is to share my thoughts, my approach to coach, parenting, teaching and living in today’s society.  The biggest challenge I am going to have as I type away on my computer with four monitors in my recliner I use for a computer chair with my over-weight body is to try to organize my thoughts into a logic format and chapters which will be of value.
Being Dr. Darren Cannell means I am a learned man and I should have found the answers in the years of instruction that I have endured as I collected my degrees but in actuality the more I learned the more I realized how little I actually know.  Having the title of Doctor at the beginning of my name means you should listen to pontifications but in reality the ones I have learnt the most from in my life were not in the classroom they were my parents and their views on life and the great coaches I had privilege of playing on their teams and the wisdom I gained by doing, by failing and being allowed to fail.  The aspects that I am the proudest of in my life are the things I earned not that things that I was given.  This last pearl of wisdom is the only one that I will give in his book that you will not be able to dispute.   The amount to has taken to earn is directly proportional to the value.   Now, having said that, I will share a pile of other pearls of wisdom that you should take with a grain of salt as I may have no idea what I am talking about, the great thing is that neither does anyone else.  What works for me, or you or others in life will differ based on the situation, past experience, and a plethora of other factors.

Now having said that most of this book will be of no value you can stop reading right now.

Just kidding, remember you need to earn things of value, so earn it, read it and maybe you will find it of value.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Artist Elite Academy Craft cycle session 2

Come create traditional Ukrainian Easter Eggs (pysanky) with traditional batik using dyes, beeswax, and kistka stylus.
Just in time for Easter.
$30 (all materials provided) including free range farm eggs.
Grab some friends and join us in the bar, have some drinks and make some eggs.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Reaching your potential, you have no idea.

Watching Under 16-year-old boys volleyball at this weekends tournament. I noticed there are players 6 foot- 6 inches tall and players who are 5 foot – 1 inch tall.  Genetics is not something we can control and each and every player who has chosen volleyball needs to use what they have to the best of their ability.  The envy of watching someone who has a great vertical is the catalyst for developing your vertical jump to its maximum level.  This is only done by jumping, the maximum is determined by genetics but if you ask the ones who made you envious because of their great vertical jump, each of every one of those athletes has earned the vertical and explode off the ground each and every time but are still not at their maximum yet.  Your maximum vertical jump is determined by genetics, but it is also my belief that of all the boys on the 24 teams at the tournament no one has reached their potential, no one has done the work to reach or earn their maximum they could not have in the time that they have been playing volleyball.  Don’t get me wrong there were some great jumpers who have discovered the key to being a great jumper is jumping to your maximum every time you jump in volleyball.  But with the right instruction, effort, diet and time they can still be better.  That is what is so great about coaching this age, seeing the change in the athletes as the genetics determines their maximum strength, and height but even better is watching the athletes discover their possible potential but they have no idea how good they can become.  My hope is that all the possible athletes learn the self-discipline, self-confidence, desire and work ethic which will allow them to realize their potential because it is so much more than they currently believe or can even envision.

Dr. Darren Cannell

Thursday, 15 February 2018

This week in Volleyball

Since this week is the beginning of the Family Day holiday there is nothing but Jump Training going on during the break. 
If you are interested in signing up for individual day jump training go to the following website:
It is also not too early to sign up for the March Jump Training
The next sessions in the Volleyball Elite Academy are on March 3rd. 
10 am - 12 pm Basic Cycle Session nine Middle skills
The Basics of being a middle player in volleyball.
12 pm - 2 pm Advanced Attack Cycle Session one Attack Hard
Learning how to hit the ball hard.
The next Elite League day is on March 10th.  Remember this is for boy teams Under 15/16 and girls teams Under 17/18.  To register for this day.
I hope you all have a good break and see you on the court in March.

Friday, 9 February 2018

This weekend in Volleyball

For all of you volleyball players out there...this week in volleyball has a great lineup of sessions.
As always this week there is jump training on Tuesday and Thursday at Ignite Athlete Conditioning For more information go to:
On Saturday we have second mini informal Volleyball League for Under 15/16 boys and Under 17/18 girls...first four teams to register are in. For more information go to:
10 am - 12 pm Basic Cycle Session eight Power skills
The Basics of being a power player in volleyball. Everyone loves this session hit hard and hit high.
12 pm - 2 pm Advanced Position Cycle Session eight Setter front row
The more advanced skill for playing the front row as a setter in volleyball. This session is for everyone, not just setter you need to know what the other people in the front row are doing. So, do not skip this session just because you are not a setter.
For more information go to: