Thursday, 25 February 2010

Facebook vs Twitter experiment

I had created a video in October of 2009 called You Can't Be My Teacher. This Youtube video had 1281 hits in the first month. It continued to climb right into the New Year and had 2226 hits (More than all my other 300+ videos put together. On January 4 2010, I started an experiment, I wanted to see if Twitter or Facebook was a better way to spread an idea.

My Twitter's account, I have tried to surround myself with teacher, online educators and people in education...there are 1624 people following my postings. I mentioned the video in three different postings, the first generated a 450 hit spike, the second generated 200 hit spike and the third generated 260 hit spike and were spread out over two months period. A total of 4887 hits occurred during this two month period.


Then I decided to introduce Facebook into this experiment, I have 627 friends made up of family, friends, ex-students and peers. I posted 12 image with link to the video in my photos folder and then tag all my Facebook friends for a single day. This single day produced 1554 hits on the video and generated a pile of comments.

My conclusions to the very scientific experiment was that Facebook can be a powerful tool to spread the word if you spam tag your friends, while twitter used as it was designed can also be an powerful way of getting the word out there.

I would like to thank all my twitter PLN and my Facebook friends for being participants in my education pursuits.

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