Monday, 3 October 2011

Google To Crawl Out Of Their Digital Caves -

Google To Crawl Out Of Their Digital Caves -:

"With this step it seems that Google is following the quite successful Apple with the Apple Store. What brings Google with their step in the real world? Read along!

Chrome Zone Offers

Of course the range of Google products might be dramatically slim compared with the Apple arsenal. But with having the core product Chromebook gaining ground in the field, it might turn out to be a success.

Chrome Zone will mainly focus on selling the Chromebook and is considered to be a trial. The opening of the store was quite stealthy compared with the massive opening of Apple’s first store. With that it seems that the new store will be a playground for Google itself rather only for new customers.

With this sales extension, Google seems to acknowledge the fact that potential consumers like to touch, sniff and try-out a high-end product in their costumer journey."

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