Monday, 14 May 2012

BBC News - England's schools should learn from Japan, says Twigg

BBC News - England's schools should learn from Japan, says Twigg:

 "England's schools should take lessons from Japan and the Far East on how to improve performance, the shadow education secretary says.

Stephen Twigg says despite many school reforms, there has been little change to the style of classroom teaching since Victorian times.

Labour's number one priority for education is raising the quality and status of teachers, he says.

And he plans to visit Japan to see how education has been reformed there.

This will form part of Labour's review of its education policy.

Along with other Far Eastern countries, such as South Korea and Singapore, Japan constantly outperforms England in international studies on maths and science.

This is something that has been highlighted by Education Secretary Michael Gove.

Mr Twigg says that although Labour improved results in the core subjects during its time in office, it was clear that "more of the same isn't the answer"."

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