Monday, 14 May 2012

Welcome To Learning | Venspired Learning

Welcome To Learning | Venspired Learning:

 "A few days ago, I came across this note on Twitter.  It was posted by an Apple employee.  It’s a simple note they receive on their first day of work.   It’s about not just doing “work” but doing your “life’s work.”  I think most of us, as teachers, can completely understand it… our fingerprints, sacrificing weekends, and swimming in the deep end.  That’s just what it feels like when you are doing what you love, no matter what field you are in.
We can show our students how to love learning like that.  I hope Apple doesn’t mind, but I borrowed their inspirational words and mixed in “Learning.”  This is going on my classroom door next year.  Because THIS is what our classrooms should be all about.  Thanks you, Apple, for the inspiration."

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