Thursday, 31 May 2012

Why the New Chromebook Still Doesn't Cut It

Why the New Chromebook Still Doesn't Cut It:

 "Can a computer that is slightly more expensive than others with the same components, doesn't run the software people are accustomed to, relies on users to store their personal treasures on someone else's cloud, and may or may not recognize the devices plugged into it, really find success? Are we really asking this question as though the answer could be "Yes"?

A personal computer is inherently different from a software platform. Historically, consumers and businesses haven't invested in computer equipment for the quality of its software platform alone. If they did, the Macintosh question would have been settled in 1985. Instead, the majority of buyers make investments (often with great reluctance) in software platforms by virtue of their being supported by safe, reliable and compatible systems that won't get them into trouble."

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