Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Why the SMART Board May Have Been a Dumb Choice

Why the SMART Board May Have Been a Dumb Choice:

"The teacher across the hall just received a long-awaited gift from our school’s technology department–a SMART Board!  It felt like Christmas as the students and teachers in our hall watched the technician open the boxes, unwrap the components, secure the board to the wall, connect the teacher PC to the interface, press the power button, and stand back proudly as the shiny, new technology came to life.  Then, well, that’s what I’m writing about.  What’s next?  Now what?

Every time I walk into a classroom where a SMART Board is installed, I see engagement and livelihood in the classroom.  It seems that the improved functionality of the technology made teaching so much more interactive and exciting!  Gone are the days of standing behind the computer to advance slides; here are the days of touching the screen, drawing and writing notes with the electronic markers, and saving everything for the good of the teachers’ evaluations!"

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