Friday, 22 June 2012

Dear Klout, This Is How You Measure Influence | TechCrunch

Dear Klout, This Is How You Measure Influence | TechCrunch:

 "“Up until now, we’ve thought a lot about influence in terms of how big someone’s microphone is,” NYU Professor of Business Sinan Aral, tells TechCrunch, “A more important question is, how much does someone’s influence, or their messages, or the things they have to say to us, change our behavior?” The solution, demonstrates Aral in a paper published today in the prestigious journal, Science, is to measure whether users are actually taking action: contributing to a campaign, buying a product, downloading an app, or reading an article. Furthermore, messages must be randomly sent to followers, otherwise we have no idea whether users would have taken an action if they had seen the update or not. Randomization and action-based measures are a high bar, but at least it will get us past knowing whether social media “influence” actually means anything."

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