Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Marc Prensky-A Huge Leap for the Classroom | researchreportsedu

Marc Prensky-A Huge Leap for the Classroom | researchreportsedu:

"Prensky outlines the need for a paradigm shift in education. He cites Sal Kahn and his work with Kahn Academy as critically important and effective in teaching and reaching today’s students.  “Kahn’s approach improves pedagogy by allowing one of the best ‘explainers’  [teachers] to be the one who does the explaining to all, by making those explanations infinitely repeatable, and by utilizing class time in the most productive way.” Here, Prensky is talking to the power of a flipped classroom, one where the teachers records and delivers content via video presentation and the students are assigned that video for homework.  Class time, now devoid of heavy content delivery, can be used by the teacher to answer questions, supplement content and work with students in a small group basis.  Prensky cites the research based success of one-on-one tutoring as the foundation for this model."

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