Saturday, 30 June 2012

No School For You, Bully! But Did We Fix Anything?

No School For You, Bully! But Did We Fix Anything?:

 "The news broke last night that the 4 middle schoolers who were caught on tape tormenting their bus monitor received a year's suspension from riding the bus as well as school.  A whole school year!  So while many cheered at the justice being served, I shook my head and once again thought about how we dole out punishment in the American educational system.

I am not here to argue that what they did was in any way justifiable.  I am not here to argue that they should not be punished.  But a year's suspension?  Since when does any bullying incident result in a whole year away from school?  This seems to be another case of media sensationalism leading to excessive punishment, without actually thinking about how these kids could be helped instead.  Where is the repair?  The discussion of what led to all of this?  The plan for something like this to not happen again?"


TechnoSwami said...

I wonder if they were simply suspended from their current school? in Las Vegas we have a system of behavior schools where students such as those bullies attend for a period of time while getting counseling. They are technically expelled or suspended from the "regular" school but still attend classes at their closest behavior school.

Jack's Mama said...

If I remember correctly, they are being sent to an alternative school for the year and are required to do 50 hours of community service with senior citizens.

I'd have to agree that this is a missed opportunity to really make changes but at least there is going to be some accountability for their actions.

If nothing else, hopefully it raises awareness everywhere that bullying is still a major problem in our society, not just in our schools. said...

Suspension from the school is the worst thing you can do because a lot of time that is what the student wants. Putting them into another learning situation is a better idea. I think the problem is that in Canada and US students see education as a right not a privilege. After a certain age students should be able to leave school and enter the work force but always allow people to come back to education when they are ready to learn.