Saturday, 8 September 2012

10th Grader Noa Gutow-Ellis: Testing Is Not Learning | TeachThought

10th Grader Noa Gutow-Ellis: Testing Is Not Learning | TeachThought:

 "Standardized tests are the bane of my existence.

Why? Mainly because they don’t show an accurate portrayal of students.

Standardized testing came about during the Industrial Revolution when schools were flooded with students and the focus was not on innovative thinking, but rather on preparing students for the manufacturing workforce.

Schools were established during the Industrial Revolution to get children out of harm’s way in factories. Students were not being released into a society where thinking critically–and for yourself–was important. While standardized testing was at one point in time acceptable, we’re now in a position to do better. Standardized testing is not helping students or schools today — it’s hurting them."

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