Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Virtual Credit Recovery School

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools is launching the Virtual Credit Recovery School.  It allows students to work online to complete the specific units of study they did not earn credit for in a face-to-face classroom. Students retake only the portion of the class they need – rather than the entire course.

The Virtual Credit Recovery School will work with a student’s home school to design a program that helps the student earn credits in areas where work was previously incomplete.

To enrol in credit recovery, students must have the approval of their home school. The student’s final grade is determined by the home school after the online portion of the course is completed.

Credit recovery allows the home school to offer students the option of taking one or more units of study from any of our current online courses. Credit recovery will also allow students who are going to miss a portion of a class, for whatever reason, to keep up with their required studies so that when they re-enter their classes, they will not have fallen behind.

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