Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dissertation time (This is not funny)

A professor was asked to be an adviser on a university student's dissertation. He accepted the request with delight. All proceeded well and on the date the paper was due, the student delivered a beautiful bound copy of his report to the professor.
Two months went by and the student hadn't heard a word, so he went to the professors office and asked him what he thought of the paper.
"Well," said the professor, "I think it needs to be redone."
Although dejected, the student decided to take another try at the report.
Two months later, the student delivered the new version to his professor.
Another month went by, without him hearing a word. Again, the student went to see the professor, and again was told the paper had to be redone.
Now totally beside himself, the student went back to the drawing board and rewrote the paper for a third time.
Two months later, he returned to the professor's office with the new term paper in hand and said to him, "I've re-researched and rewritten to the extent that I've left no stone unturned and no thought unanalyzed. There is just nothing more I can do."
"OK," said the professor, "I guess I will read this one."

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