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The beginning of the SCCS

The Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School started in 1999 the following is some information that I found on an old cd.  Thought people might find it interesting.

Criteria for Cyber School Prep!!

Randy Warick  and Dick Nieman were the two contact people at the board office

Talked to Randy Warick on December the 5th  1998 and he stated I needed to talk to Dick Nieman to start to finalize some of this and talk budget items.

Talked on December the 6th  1998 to Dick Nieman and he will be setting up a meeting for next week with Tom Dyck, Randy Warick, Dick Nieman and myself.  He stated nothing is in stone so we can work out the details together.

What is needed by the end of the semester??
Jan 19th meeting......A report on the way the school division should proceed.

What is the budget for this??
Limited but is available for travel.

What type of things are we looking for?? (Student assessment methods, type of machines, grade level, method of transferring information.)Yes

What is the time line for the opening of this project?
Second semester year 2000

What is the target group of students? Ours to start with.

Where will this project be housed??
Within one of the high schools

Can I get a chair and mouse pad the office in the art room closed off, possiblity of the wave at home?

April 26- May 1 
My proposal for this trip is to use the Monday to Wednesday to visit the surrounding school boards.  Then attend the conference on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday returning to Saskatoon on the Sunday.  The most beneficial activity that I have done to date is an information sharing session with computer people and educators.  Therefore, the first couple days will be very valuable.  In the Toronto area there are a large number of school boards who are using the computers at different levels in the courses being taught a few days of visiting and sharing some of these ideas I think will be a great use of time.  The week will end with formal presentations of computers in education in Ontario at the conference.  Tom Dyck has visited some of the schools in Alberta so I feel I would just be duplicating his efforts if I went to Alberta.  I check around the United States for an interesting city and I still feel Toronto will better serve our needs.

Toronto and Hamilton School Boards
Halton Catholic District School Board
EDEN Project Orilla and Barrie

Informal proposal


Justification of the project.

Study the research to find in this is an educationally sound project.

Target market

Is this project going to work with students presently in our system, adults who have not finished high school and cannot find the time to attend community college, upgraders, home schoolers, bed ridden students, smaller community subject classes, out of country students, students willing to explore different methods of learning.
Not adults...mostly our school students
Target grade level
Explore the grade level that this type of education would be best utililzed at??

High school not adult

Target subjects
Which subject areas would be the best to use this method with???
All a full slat

Time line
What would be the projects begin date and suggested date for a cyber school upstart.
Second semester 1999/2000

Individual student costs
What would be the best method to ensure the students have the correct technology and software for the courses.

Board of Education guidelines

Check the boards criteria for funding to make sure the students involved in this project will recieve the same amount of funding as a normal student.
Talk to Bob Chad
Project team members criteria

Who and what type of team will be need to fulfill this project
Tom area for computer people

Techno costs

Check with the people that know to determine the techno costs of the project.
Will have to do some research in this area

Type of Student

What is the learning style of the student that will be success at this type of project.

Check assessment

 tools....parents commitment

Most of the teachers involved will not be full time.

Board will look after the board of educations guidelines

Not partnered with viscount we work on own.

Start small think big

Christian Education important aspect of project.

Not correspondence type of system more interactive.

Delivery program how are we going to use the available technology

Promotion of the program.

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