Thursday, 18 October 2012

The False Digital Imperative | Teaching Writing in a Digital Age

The False Digital Imperative | Teaching Writing in a Digital Age:
 "What I am about to talk about in terms of this week’s reading will likely not be a popular viewpoint.  Seeing as we are in a digital literacy class, my assumption is that many of you have a defined viewpoint on what extent you think technology should be involved in the teaching of composition.  I am assuming also that many of you believe digital literacy should be wholly integrated into composition pedagogy.  While I do not disagree that the world is moving towards and ever rapid pace of information consumption, I do not agree that as composition instructors we should jump on the band wagon and be touting that others are Luddite’s just because they have varying opinions on the application of this technology in the classroom.  Yet, this is what J. Elizabeth Clark does in her article, The Digital Imperative: Making the Case for a 21st Century Pedagogy, when she states: “Myopic, Luddite fantasies of returning to pencil and paper, the disavowal of the role of technology in the classroom, and the supposition that technology is a passing fad are tired arguments now giving way to a new era of digital rhetoric…”(Clark, 27)."

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