Saturday, 6 October 2012

Warm Fuzzy bird edition - Darren Cannell -

Warm Fuzzy bird edition - Darren Cannell -

"The warm fuzzy program can be used in as many different situations as you can imagine. The images are all created by an artist. The theme for this warm fuzzy program is birds. Include in the program is seven bird images, seven bird images with labels, student tracking page, class tracking chart and seven label stickers to use as awards.

The program is designed to be a complete reward system for academic behavior, social behavior and physical behavior. Designed to flexible, by using your color printer you can design a custom warm fuzzy program to change the climate in your classroom.

One Suggested set of steps to create a program

1.) Purchase the program
2.) Print the images with no labels and display on a bulletin board
3.) Discuss and research the characteristics of the different birds
4.) Print and display the images with the labels.
5.) When students in the class display the characteristics award them with a sticker of the image (which you have printed off).
6.) Use the supplied charts to keep records of the fuzzy awards
7.) Magnets, window skickers or photo paper prints of the original documents can be given for special awards
8.) Change the labels to fit different situations.
9.) Be creative."

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