Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Why use a Learning Management System for elearning? | matbury.com

Why use a Learning Management System for elearning? | matbury.com:

"In their first experiments with elearning, many teachers tend to build a collection of free commercial web services that are “one trick applications”, for example, Facebook or Edmodo for social networking, email or Google Docs for submitting written assignments, drop boxes or file sharing services for media files, Yahoo! Groups for discussion forums, and free test preparation sites. Using all these different services requires learners and teachers to create a number of user accounts, i.e. one for each service, and manage them all accordingly. Admins must keep track of teachers’ and learners’ online activities, and teachers must keep track of their learners’ right across the assortment of services and sites. From an organisational perspective this is clearly not an easy arrangement to administer and almost impossible to do on a medium or large scale."

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shackletonjones said...

The average kitchen contains a wide array of devices and implements involved in the preparation of food. Every so often you will see adverts for 'kitchen chef' devices which claim to provide all functions in a single device. But you rarely see professionals using them: the various devices perform specialized functions and require skill to master them in order to deliver a superior combined outcome. If we turn to the example of an LMS, how would you feel about requiring all Google searches go via the LMS - that is where most of our online learning comes from, after all ;o)