Tuesday, 11 December 2012

20+ Google Forms Teachers should not Miss

20+ Google Forms Teachers should not Miss:

 "So you love Google Forms but you are too busy to use it to create your own forms. Don't worry we have some great pre-made forms for you . But before I share them with you let me  just remind you of the Chinese adage that goes " don't give me a fish everyday but show me how to fish ",  you might find some of the forms included below useful but it would be way better to create your own tailored to your own teaching and learning needs. This is not a hard job to do and Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is here for you to give you a hand. You can read our easy and simple guide on everything you need to know about using  Google Forms in Education to get you started . It is just the first step that counts and once you take it , everything comes together for you."

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