Thursday, 13 December 2012

5 Great Cheat Sheets Teachers should Not Miss

5 Great Cheat Sheets Teachers should Not Miss:

 "After the Twitter Cheat Sheet I posted yesterday, I got emails from some of you asking If I have any other sheets to share post here . I do have some saved ones I bookmarked from different websites and in particular from Mashable.

I personally love Cheat Sheets because they present information in a visually attractive way which can be very helpful especially for visual learners.And just like Infographics,Cheat Sheets can also give users a simple  rundown of various features accompanied by an explanation on how to use them.

Without any further ado, below is a set of some of the best Cheat Sheets online. Click on any title to download and  access the original copy. If you have other suggestions make sure you share them with us . Enjoy."

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