Saturday, 15 December 2012

Arming teachers, in light of CT shooting

This was a quote I found on the internet...I think I would quit teaching if I was required to carry a gun as a teacher.

What do you guys think about teachers having the privilege to carry and conceal while they are in school? Up until now over 75 lives could have been saved between the CT shooting, Virginia tech shooting, and the columbine shooting.

I think teachers should be able to.

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J_Armstrong said...

Carrying a gun serves no purpose unless you are willing to use it and you are mentally prepared to use it. It's hard to say until you are in the situation....but, I think I am more willing to give my life for another - rather than take the life of another.

I don't think the answer is to arm the teachers. Increasing school safety measures and making schools safe places to teach and learn is essential. Swift action toward limitations on firearm purchases and gun control is what is needed.