Thursday, 6 December 2012

Changing the Culture, One Teacher at a Time | Connected Principals

Changing the Culture, One Teacher at a Time | Connected Principals:

 "As technology rushes into schools at an ever-increasing pace, we are constantly bombarded by talk about whatever happens to be hot this week.  Khan Academy! Ipads in classrooms! Skyping with your teacher! Attaining warp speed, Mr. Scott!

However, once we clear through all of the hype and excitement, the fact remains that no technology is going to change anything in a classroom without teachers who not only understand how to use that technology, but – far more importantly -understand how that piece of technology can have an impact on the way that learning takes place in their classrooms.  A teacher who has students use an ipad as a cool notetaking machine or who skypes with another classroom or an author as an activity in between curricular pieces is pretty much wasting someone’s money, specifically whoever laid out the dough for all of that fancy technology."

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