Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Stop Fooling Around: Let Educators Reform Education - Online Universities.com

Stop Fooling Around: Let Educators Reform Education - Online Universities.com:

"The Alternatives: Exploring Options in Policy and Practice website recently had a post about not becoming a "fool" in your daily life by assuming that you can do something better than someone who has even a little training in the area. Education was mentioned in the post as one of the areas in which people believe that they can put together something better than what currently exists. The article concludes that this is due to the fact that we live in a society that largely disregards the value of disciplinary knowledge and practical experience. We choose, instead to focus on quick fix, shortcuts, and disposable solutions rather than taking the time to rely on experts to thoughtfully craft workable long term solutions. What is it about education specifically that has every "fool" with an interesting idea or political office angling to pitch their vision for education reform to the world and criticizing the establishment in the process?"

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