Thursday, 24 January 2013

My seven ‘a-ha’ moments in the history of educational technology

My seven ‘a-ha’ moments in the history of educational technology:

"I get asked a lot of questions about online learning, educational technology and distance education, but recently I was asked one that really stumped me, and forced me to reflect on the whole history of educational technology, at least as it has affected me.
The question was simple:
‘You’ve been working in the field now for 44 years. What have been your most seminal moments in terms of what you’ve learned?’
I’ve been able to boil the answer down into seven seminal moments.  Here I merely summarize these ‘aha’ moments. I will do a different post on each that will describe both the circumstances that led to the ‘aha’ moment, and the consequent heuristic implications for making more effective decisions about the use of technology."

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