Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Requirements for online courses

Here is some deep thoughts from my desk.  There is lots of stuff in this entry which will give you pause and is designed to let people know the thinking process behind the theory of online learning and designing.

Courses need to be a continuous work in progress.

Work through the 4 stages of online courses and work towards making your course a level 4. ( )

Courses need to be merged with online content, stand-alone courses are not acceptable, the internet needs to be a big part of your course and not just a delivery system.

Courses need to be self-evaluated based on exemplary course program  ( )

Work as a departments, subject area courses should be alike in their approach, cyber school is moving more towards a team approach to teaching the courses rather than single teacher course ownership.

Flexibility is the key, hard set deadlines are not acceptable, students need the opportunity to  master the work. ( )

Interaction in online courses needs to lean towards learner-content, and less learner-teacher.  This is the different between online and face to face. (

Objective based assessment is a must and will be the future in our courses

Late/zeros/incompletes these are catch words in a discussion we had with Cindy Coffin and will be something we will be talking about more.

This is meant to start conversations so feel free to comment.

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