Friday, 15 February 2013

How Do Teachers Really Want to Spend Money? | Edutopia

How Do Teachers Really Want to Spend Money? | Edutopia:

 "As a teacher, if your principal gave you a $500 budget, what would you buy? Would it be books, consumables, or software subscriptions? Would it be hands-on learning tools or equipment?

Admittedly, $500 does not go far enough to buy technology, furniture, or curriculum. But individual teachers really can't buy those things anyway because of volume discounts, uniformity for troubleshooting and repair, and in the case of curriculum, the teachers all have to agree on what to teach. I would venture that some of you might be saying, "If only my principal would give me a budget of $500!" But if he did, what would be the best investment of this relatively small chunk of change?"

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