Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Teaching with GoogleDocs | Inside Higher Ed

Teaching with GoogleDocs | Inside Higher Ed:

"Welcome to another entry in our loosely-defined-yet-still-exciting teaching with technology series. This week: Teaching with GoogleDocs!
Our previous entries in this series include my posts on Teaching with Tablets, Teaching with Twitter, and Teaching with Blogs, Carleen Carey's Teaching Tools for the Tech Savvy TA, Ashley Wiersma's 3 Ways to Hack your Class with Google+,  and Andrea Zellner's I'm a Digital Grad in a Digital World.
One of the most important tools in my classroom pedagogy, regardless of the course I am teaching, is GoogleDocs. I am always looking for ways to encourage collaboration and group learning between my students, and GDocs is my favorite platform for creating that collaboration. This post will briefly explain GoogleDocs for the uninitiated and provide a few hacks for using this platform in your teaching."

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