Tuesday, 5 February 2013

What's with all the Chromebooks? | PCWorld

What's with all the Chromebooks? | PCWorld:

"Chromebooks should be dead. Netbooks—the Chromebook's shameful forefathers, made from the same plastic parts and budget internals—have shuffled into the sunset, and Chromebooks suffer from similar, shockingly severe limitations. Even calling the Chrome OS an "OS" is a bit too kind, as it's virtually crippled without an Internet connection.

Yes, Chromebooks should be dead—but they're not. In fact, more manufacturers than ever are making low-cost laptops that run Chrome OS. Both HP and Lenovo jumped into the fray in recent weeks, joining Acer and Samsung on board the Google bandwagon. Why are so many companies suddenly rolling the dice on Chromebooks? Perhaps more importantly, can the widespread interest continue?"

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