Friday, 8 March 2013

Pros and Cons of Social Media Education in Schools | SociableBlog

Pros and Cons of Social Media Education in Schools | SociableBlog:

 "Social media is becoming a growing part of the way we interact with one another and make connections. With social media sites having millions (or even billions) of users each, it is not common to meet someone who doesn’t maintain a profile on at least one site.
With great power comes great responsibility. Though social media might give us more opportunities to connect, it also encourages us to put more of our private information online and leaves us vulnerable in many ways. Students are among the biggest users of social media, yet they also lack the maturity to understand all the ramifications of their actions online. For this reason, some have suggested that social media education become a part of school curriculums.
Here are some pros and cons of including social media education in the schools:"

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