Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Elaine Weiss: Another Casualty of Excessive Testing: Great Teachers

Elaine Weiss: Another Casualty of Excessive Testing: Great Teachers:

 "Signs that standardized tests are overused and misused continue to emerge. State and local affiliates of Parents Across America host webinars on the ills of testing and "zombie" rallies, and parent members are opting increasing numbers of their children out of the tests. FairTest's National Resolution on High-Stakes Testing has garnered over 11,000 individual and 400 organizational signatures.

Those on the front lines of the testing battles, however, have had a hard time being heard. Teachers who object to being judged on the basis of their students' test scores are labeled as weak or unwilling to be held accountable. Their assertions that test-based evaluations are inaccurate and unreliable are countered with suggestions that there is no better alternative. A pattern has emerged recently, however, that makes it harder to dismiss them. Across the country, strong teachers are sacrificing their jobs -- their life's work -- to protect themselves and their students from reforms gone terribly wrong."

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