Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My deep thought of the day

As I get closer to my career change from teaching to my next adventure a few things have crossed my mind.  I have been in school my whole life, except for the first four years and I remember very little from that time.  During my time in school the end of school was always a time of relief, an artificial end, a time to revitalization, and a time to get all those things done that have been put off for the whole school year.  My next career may not be in school so the one thing I am going to miss from my 50 years of being in school will be the "End of June" high.  Perhaps, I will approach life as every other animal on earth does and that is to not recognize time, days, months or years.  By not observing the man-made abstract called time, one does not live waiting for something but rather lives in the moment.  I think that will be my approach in my next phase of my life.  So... as of today do not ask me how much longer I have before I am finished my doctoral thesis or when I am official retired or when our next trip is because my response will be..."not right now"

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