Thursday, 28 November 2013

Balancing Act: The Maker vs. Manager Schedule

Balancing Act: The Maker vs. Manager Schedule:

In 2009, the founder of Y Combinator (very successful angel investor & VC for high-tech) 
wrote about Makers and Managers. His 
blog has been referenced countless times over the years and people are still actively writing about it, like in the article above:

 "They are the worst kind of meetings. You’re probably familiar with them. Right smack in the middle of a creative breakthrough, you have to get up and go sit through what will surely be an agonizing, hour-long meeting. During the meeting you’ll talk about timelines and project scope. There might even be some jokes. But you aren’t laughing. Because this meeting is interrupting your “Maker Time” – those precious hours when your best work happens."

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