Thursday, 21 November 2013

My new Workplace

Jason Tratch and the Galex Group of Companies have one clear goal in mind; changing the perception of human sewage. “Sewage is 99% water. We have a growing water crisis around the world, and we’re not using this valuable resource”, says Jason. EcoLibra is one of the companies under the Galex banner and has begun selling its innovative wastewater treatment systems. This system, contained in 40 foot shipping containers, offers several advantages over existing water treatment methods.

“The entire system is completely modular”, Jason explains. “Each individual system can service a community of 350 people, and you can add more as needed. You can run everything from a single computer over the internet”.

The technology is adapted from the ideas of Dr. Lakshman, who worked previously with Jason to build large water treatment systems capable of serving over a thousand people. Now EcoLibra has narrowed its focus and refined its business operation. “We’ve put a real focus into the operations management side of things. This way we’re able to have a simpler process that produces a small, mobile system rather than a large and constructed infrastructure”, says Jason.

The process involves moving sewage through a series of tanks that remove sewage material to create water suitable for industrial and agricultural purposes. The sewage is treated in the first tank with lime, which kills bacteria. This bacteria-free water is then pumped to a second tank, where a flocculent is used to settle-out solid particles from the water.

Water shortages are a growing concern across the world. India for example has seen its water supply per person dwindle to 1200 litres, from roughly 8000 litres 10 to 15 years ago. “India is seeing a real water crisis. This is a need that the world needs to be addressing”, says Jason. EcoLibra is currently negotiating a deal to sell one unit to the Punjab state government and have seen interest from other Indian states as well.  

EcoLibra has also seen strong interest from First Nations communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Their first sale was to Pinnacle Ridge Golf & Country Estates, and they’ve had contact with hotels in Saskatchewan as well.
Below is an article about the company that I work for...I am the President of NexLev.

The other half of the Galex Group of Companies is NexLev, a software firm that works in tandem with EcoLibra to operate the wastewater treatment system. NexLev uses an innovative project and operational management system application specially designed for small life science companies.  It uses social media inspired news feeds, blogs, chats and centralized document managment to enhance collaboration and information tracking and control.

“Communication is more important than anything”, says Jason. “Without a lean, adaptable Collaboration Software we’d be killed by growth. As a young company, we need to react quickly to change and be adaptable. This software enables us to stay cohesive”.

NexLev has its own business sales outside of EcoLibra. They’ve recently begun a full service selling their software to other companies. New forms of communication are rapidly changing the way business operates, and NexLev intends to be a part of that movement. “This is almost a swiss army knife solution for companies that want to communicate across departments and projects quickly and cohesively,” explains Carla Zahaik, Sales & Account Manager for NexLev. “The product is completely modular, so each client can choose exactly which elements they want. We do a rolling wave rollout, introducing one process at a time so that the change isn’t too sudden or overwhelming”.

It’s the fusion of innovative office processes, agile software tools and an efficient water treatment technology that makes the Galex Group a company poised to have an impact in how we address the world’s growing water concerns. “We look at Galex Group as a total wastewater recovery company. We’ve got a great technology paired with efficient communications and a good business focus. It’s not just about the science. You need all the pieces working together”, says Jason.

This marriage of environmental technology and business acumen landed Jason Tratch a Clean50 award in the category of Clean Technology. Clean50 acknowledges the contributions of 50 individuals across Canada who have furthered the cause of environmental sustainability. Honourees in the Clean Technology category must have a product made or designed in Canada that contributes to environmental sustainability.

Learn more about the Galex Group of Companies by visiting their Website

Jason Tratch’s profile on the Clean50 website can be seen here

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