Monday, 4 November 2013

Saskatchewan Teachers are going to use Social networking to let people know their story.

For the final decade of my career I worked at the cyber school, I was obviously very involved in the digital world and built a community of followers via the Social networking sites. During this time I accrued a number of followers...

Facebook...1,143 friends
Google + ...4,010 followers
Linkedin...2,201 connections and 55,754 in my network
Twitter... 2,671 followers
Teaching and Developing Online Blog...1000 plus visitors a day

For those of you who understand some of the techie stuff that is a Social Media Klout score of comparison John Gormley Live has a klout score of 62.

Now you may ask why am I telling you teachers this stuff...well because I feel our best way of getting our message out in the community is through social networking. To do that we have to move many of the discussion we are having in this private discussion area into networking areas.

I am willing to share my klout with the teachers of this province to get their voice heard. If you want we can move this discussion to my non-private facebook account I can then bounce it to twitter, google+, Linkedin and my blog. This is just a suggestion as I have heard from many we need to let the media and the population of Saskatchewan know our stories...well social networking in my mind is stronger than the media we just need to know how to leverage it.

So to make this happen you need to ask me to be your friend on facebook (you can unfriend me once the contract has been settled) and then move the discussion you want others in the world to know about onto my facebook and I will do my best to allow the technology to leverage my klout. We could start other social networking accounts dedicated just to this but it will not carry the same klout as an established social network which I have taken 10+ years to build.

So this is just an idea, and can be used by some or can be used by all the members of the Saskatchewan Teachers Unite private discussion, because I like many, think we need to share some of the good discussions that are happening on here.

1.) Ask me to be your friend on facebook
2.) Say what you want the population of Saskatchewan to know and I will do my best through my social network to let people know.
3.) Share, comment and like the discussion that will start to appear on other peoples accounts.
4.) If you like something put it on your social network sites and it will reach a lot of people.
5.) Look at how this private site has made the teachers on here feel, we can do the same for the rest of the province by using the non-traditional means of social networking.

Let me know what you think of this idea...and if we like it let get the message out there.

To all my friends who have had a teacher impact their lives in a positive way...please help by sharing and liking the messages that will start to appear here in the next little while if the teachers of Saskatchewan start to use this account to tell their stories

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