Friday, 1 November 2013

Shake your heads people...

When I had no children, I had many theories about how to raise children. Now that I have a child, I need to apologize to all those parents that I gave guidance to when I had no children. It was my lack of knowledge of the actual situation which in my ignorance allowed me to share my opinions. Until one is willing to step into today's classroom and see how much it has changed, one has no idea what it is like.

In the past many of today's most challenging students would enter into the work force long before getting into my grade 11 class. Today it is societies belief that everyone needs an education and it is teachers job to lead those horses to the water and if they do not drink, then it is the fault of the teacher rather than the horse's lack of desire. Such a situation in the past was not the fault of the teacher but the fault of the parent. So my response would be if you did your job as a parent my job as a teacher would be less about parenting and more about educating. But the reality is that we the teachers are the parents, nurses, police, and many other things to the students of today, yet society still see's as the teachers of old who did not have to deal with all of that stuff...and hence want to still pay us as they did the teachers of old, the teachers that they experienced when they were in school...

If all we did was teach for five hours a day...we are very well paid...society, parents, doctors, nurses, lawyers, police officers, community sport teams should be very thankful that is not all teachers do. If you think teachers are over worked think about what our society would be like if we released all the students who do not want to taught back into society and let all the other social programs try to reform them into contributing members of society. The health care system would be more over run than it is now, there is not enough police to deal with the gang issues that would arise. The unemployment would go through the roof. I think it is time that society thank teachers for saving them from the children.

We are teachers and we love what we do, and yes we did know what we were getting into...all we ask is that you give us the tools to achieve what a well funded education can.

Now have said all that and sounding like a madman. Teachers love their vocation, they do all the extra stuff because they did know what they were getting into and they were willing to step up to the plate. That is more than can be said for many in today's society. Community sport's have to get parents to pay a volunteer cheque which you get back if you volunteer six hours of your time for the team. A team that your child is involved in...teacher do hundreds and hundreds of those hours because we care, because we would like to make society a better place. They do that for your child, they do that because without it society would be hurt yet when a teacher asks for help, such as having smaller classes, well equipped education system, buildings that are not falling down, support and respect suddenly teachers are all just complaining and want more money. No if you did your job as a parent teacher would not be so difficult. Like the community sports we are tired of asking so now we would just like you to put a cheque forward to help us educate your child. It is acceptable for a sports team to ask for your respect and you give it but society will not do the same for teachers...shake your head people.

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