Friday, 8 November 2013

Teacher of Saskatchewan need our help.

Dear Friends,
As many of you know, for 31 years I was a teacher (and proud of it!). What you may or may not know is that teachers are currently in negotiations with the government to renew our contract. Teachers are entering interesting and somewhat troubling times in the profession as they work to gain the respect, working conditions, and pay they deserve as professionals, particularly when compared with other educated professionals.

Please be aware that I will be using my Facebook account to promote this message as well as to help create awareness about how long and hard teachers work to make a difference in the world, and to provide students with the best possible education, despite the lack of appropriately directed support and adequate resources from the government. Information is knowledge, and quite frankly, many of the teacher and I believe that the information "out there" about teacher are, what they have, and what they do has been very lopsided and largely inaccurate, so teachers are setting about to provide a more complete perspective of the teaching profession and our province's education system, with the goal being to help the general public have a truly informed opinion on the issues that matter. These issues should matter to you as well, whether or not you have children in school . . . because children are OUR future!

I am choosing to utilize social media because it has changed "the game" in so many aspects of society, particularly with regard to how we consume information. It has helped to turn the tide of national elections and public opinion, as well as helped to quickly and effectively inform and unify the masses on all sorts of matters, where previously, information was dispensed according to the respective media outlets' biases/agendas and schedules. Together we can and will make a difference and bring about the change that is required.

If you do not wish to see or respond to my posts, that is fine. However, if you feel that you agree with me and wish to support teachers by sharing articles, quotations, and other posts from my wall with your own Facebook communities, and/or contacting your local MLA's, that would be greatly appreciated - not only by me, but by all teachers who stand with me as we move forward. I also welcome the opportunity to speak openly and honestly with any of you who care to engage in dialogue with me. Thank you so much!

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