Thursday, 7 November 2013

Thank you the the teacher that made an impact in my life

Today I attended the “We Day” concert at Credit Union Center in Saskatoon.  Not as an educator with a group of students but as security.  I stood on Stage right and helped the talent exit the stage and keep the students from swamping them.  You would think that 15000 school children in a place would be a recipe for disaster.  Now, I have worked at a lot of concerts and this was one of the easiest ones I have done.  All the students were respectful and it was a very uplifting experience.  The “We Day” group state this was the year of education at one point the two founders of the movement got each of the students to yell “Thank You” then add the teacher that had a positive effect on their lives…15,000 students expressing the respect and thank you to those of you in this province making a difference.  The hair on arm stood up and I looked back on my years as an educator proudly as each of you should whose name was yelled out by the 15000 students.  Respect to all of you educators.  

Perhaps the comments on this post would be a good place for us to thank the educator that influenced your life

Thank you Ken Chase
All though not a formal educator Ken Chase had a profound effect on my high school years.  

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