Friday, 1 November 2013

The Government and Teachers Unite!

The Government needs to have the courage to realize that there is no more powerful group to have on their side than the teachers. We are the only profession which has contact with every citizen for five hours a day for twelve years. These citizens are not currently the voting members of society but they are the future. A well funded education system has the ability to eliminate future issues. An educated individual is less of a burden on society, less burden on the health system and will contribute more taxes. The educational system in Canada is the third best system in the world. It works, it builds people, it creates contributing members of society. Currently the Saskatchewan Society is one that we all can be proud of. Is this the government which wants to be know as the ones that weakened the very institution which is has been responsible for creating said society? A Government is empowered to govern and help the society to reach it's potential. A teacher's goal is the same, to give individuals the tools to reach their potential. The two goals sound similar or identical. We as teachers spend 5 hours a day for 12 years with the future of this province, and in some cases that is more than parents spend. Yet, the government thinks it is the best thing for this province to not value the contribution of teachers, is this shortsightedness, lacking in vision, hoping to buy votes?...I don't understand.

Is the dispute about money in a province which has the best economy in the nation, or is it about where the money is being spent?

I challenge the Government to state another profession which impacts society more than education?

I challenge the Government to state a profession which has the ability to impact individuals more than the education system, a profession which will give back to the government and society more than a well funded education system.

Does the government feel there is better places to spend money, like health care, etc, and other cures when a strong education system has the ability to relieve the burden on those support systems.

Well-funded Education is the prevention, every penny spent will be returned. We currently lead the nation in growth, I think this province has the ability to continue to do so if a little long term vision is applied. Education is the key, ignorance and vote buying will not keep us at the top. It is shortsighted and makes me afraid for the future of this province.

Let the teachers and government united together lead us into the future, because if divided the Saskatchewan Advantage will falter.

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