Monday, 11 November 2013

The school will help

The teaching profession is the most amazing vocation.  Many say it is thankless but for those of you who are just starting out, wait, in time there will be so many of your students who will recognize the amazing amount of effort you put into the time you spent with them.  It may not be while you are teaching them or even a year or two years after but in time many of them will understand and appreciate your dedication to them and your teaching. Many members of our society do know what schools and teacher do, unfortunately the last tentative agreement in no way came close to being a thank you for all you do.

After spending the two months in the summer with their children, parents are so happy when school starts again.  They are not happy because they don’t love their children and want to get rid of them, it is because of the amazing amount of energy and dedication it takes to spend all day with school age children.  Most parents  know schools are more, way more than glorified daycare.  Schools are viewed as partners in the raising of the youth in our society.  The last tentative agreement was an insult.  Society needs to stop and count the aspects of a child’s life which at one time was taught by the family but now is done by the schools.  Not for all the children but for the troubled ones that ones that are not supported at home.  For the ones that if the schools do not intervene will cost society a lot of money.  The list of things that a school does besides teach academics continues to grow as mandated by the government with very little consultation with the educators. The growth is necessary because it is not being done anywhere else in society or by parents.  Good teacher will do everything they possible can to help students, but everyone, even teachers have a point where it is too much.  I think the NO vote was that point.  Teachers are doing way more than just teaching and our society is not willing to financially recognize this growth.  The government is aware of the fact the job is changing or they would not have mandated the increased time students spend in school.  The whole conversation around the partnership of schools and government is all a recognition of need for working together.  Then to get around having to pay for this extra time, they talk about how easy a teachers life is and all the time off they have and how teachers just teach reading, math and science how hard can it be. If a teacher did not have to do all the stuff on "the school will help" list, then it is my belief that most teachers would be quite satisfied with their working conditions and their pay scales.  But you cannot continue increase the demands, time and lack of resources forever and not at some time reach a point where even the most caring teacher will say enough. It is time to recognize and respect the position.

I have started to create a list called “The school will help” …please add to it.

When the family unit is not strong, the school will help.
When a child needs to learn to socialize, the school will help.
When the language at home does not match the language of instruction, the school will help.
When the child has special needs, the school will help.
When the child has fallen behind in reading or any other subject, the school will help.
When the child has problems with bullying, the school will help.
When the child comes hunger, the school will help.
When the child is learning to drive, the school will help.
When a child wants to learn to be an athlete, the school will help. 
When a child wants to go on field trips, the school will help.
When a child needs to have the birds and the bees talk, the school will help.
When a child does not even what to be in school, the school will help.

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