Friday, 24 January 2014

Pedagogy - 'Disillusioned' teachers bored by chalk and talk - news - TES

Pedagogy - 'Disillusioned' teachers bored by chalk and talk - news - TES:

 "Teachers as well as students are becoming alienated and bored by “traditional” teaching methods, according to one of the world’s most influential educationalists.

In an outspoken new report, Professor Michael Fullan argues that disillusionment with traditional techniques is driving growing numbers of teachers to use technology to inspire students.

The University of Toronto academic - who has advised education authorities in the US, Canada and the UK - reached his conclusions after interviewing teachers and school leaders in 12 countries where he says new methods are being developed from the grass roots.

Professor Fullan claims that traditional chalk-and-talk methods of teaching no longer work in a world in which students’ expectations have been raised by 21st-century technology."

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