Friday, 21 March 2014

Using Selfies in Social Media Marketing | Social Media Today

Using Selfies in Social Media Marketing | Social Media Today:

 "I’m not a big fan of photos of myself. I always see flaws that are probably not obvious to anyone else and most of the time, I’m happy to enough to live with the version I see of myself in the morning mirror check. Generally, I would say this attitude is reflective of most people I know – but most people I know aren’t millennials, where the ‘selfie’ has grown into one of the biggest digital trends of recent memory.

If you look up ‘#selfie’ on Instagram you’ll be bombarded with millions of matches to scan through – more than 88 million to be more precise. Everywhere you go you’ll see people, arm stretched out in front, hand hooked round their phone, pouting and flashing peace signs. It’s become so normal that no one even looks twice anymore, there’s a general understanding of the selfie process. And with so many selfies being taken, it’s a no-brainer for brands think about how they can utilise that trend for exposure. And many have already done just th"

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