Tuesday, 13 May 2014

I looking to hire part-time agents for my new company

Nexlev Agents required.   My new job as president of NexLev has allow me to develop an interactive, asynchronous, flexible, certified, gold standard online project management course for businesses, individual and learning institutions.  What I need is sales agents, I need your contacts, and we are willing to share 5% of the profits for a year of any contacts you bring to us.  You do not have to be out there pounding the pavement; you just have to talk to the people, companies or institutions that you know that might benefit from this course.  Bring us the lead and we then will sign a memorandum of understanding and for a single year we will write you a 20 dollar check every time someone signs up for the course.   Drop me a note at Darren.cannell@galexgroup.com if you are interested.  Can you help me by sharing via your social media sites to spread the word…it will be so appreciated.  I will keep you posted on how this is all working out.  Thanks social media friends.

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