Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My Name is Darren Cannell

There is a simple question before us:  Why should you vote for me to be a GSCS Trustee?
A simple answer:  Because my mother would be so proud of me if I got elected. 
A more complex answer:
I have been a student for 28 years of my life.  The first 4 degrees were about education.  My last degree which I will be finished in the next couple of months is my PHD in education, so I know the theory.
I applied this theory as I was a GSCS teacher and administrator for 31 years of my life.  This was an achievement because when I started teaching I thought I would teach for 10 years and then move to something else.  So, why did I stay for 31 years?  I stayed because GSCS was and is the best school division in the country and our country is ranked third in the world for education.  Where else was I to go to learn my education trade.
I was raised as a Canadian army brat and moved every 3 years of my young life until I was 17 years of age.  This kind of childhood give you itchy feet, which I scratch by travelling a lot with my wife and now our son.  Both of whom are part of the GSCS system, my wife is currently an assistant principal at Holy Cross High school and my son is a grade 6 student at Mother Teresa School. 
In 2010 for 10 months we went for a walkabout and travelled around the world.  Literally around the world we saw 39 countries.  Travelling is a form of education which taught me more than all my five degrees combined.  It opened my eyes to the importance of a good faith based education system.  It showed me how lucky we are to have GSCS and to live in Saskatoon.
Education is at a cross roads, the past education system was developed for the industrial age.  Society has moved into the information age.  We need our school to reflect this change and prepare our students for the world in which they are going to live. This is not something to fear this means we are in an exciting fast paced time where the world has become a very small place.
The information age with its quick paced communication and vast amount of information makes a faith based approach to education so important.  Our students need a foundation in which to build themselves around and filter the vast amount of information which this age brings.  A faith foundation which GSCS is so good at providing. 
Catholic education is being attacked from a multitude of front. Christianity itself is being attacked in some location of the world, but that is another topic for another day.
I think the best way for us to succeed against these attacks on GSCS is to celebrate our successes.  I know from experience that what GSCS offers is amazing and I feel if elected I still have something to offer in the future vision of the GSCS …and its goal of fulfilling its mission statement.

Which is:
A welcoming community where we nurture faith, encourage excellence in learning and inspire students to serve others, making the world a better place.

Please consider voting for me, I will do my best to make the mission statement a reality.  

Thank you

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