Friday, 12 December 2014

My first political week...

So let us try to summarize the week:

John McGettigan has announced his desire to run for MLA in the riding of Stonebridge Dakota for the SaskParty… Announcement of his intentions brought on the flurry of questions.
·         People are concerned that he will be stepping down from his position of STA president if he wins the election.
·         His choice of political parties is challenged.
·         His reasons for running are challenged.
·         Like any politician, many assumptions have been made about his platform.
The good thing is that all this will be made clear in time.   The one thing that we will continue to do is communicate, put our foot in our mouths, be honest and try to give people the information they need to go forward and vote for or against John.
John like myself has always been a SaskParty supporter.   Which party he was running for was a significant discussion of the week.  He being so liked meant most people wanted him to run for the party that they support, and this had hurt some feeling when it did not align.  Many have made the assumption that he should be running for this party or that party, in the future ask don’t assume.   If anything we will say honestly how we have gotten to where we are.
John has decided to make this move as he feels he can make bigger changes in education by being at the level of the provincial government.  He did not do it as a power grab or for personal gain.  I have for years tried to get him to run for the provincial government because I do feel they have not done a great job in education.  In the last 12 months, they made tremendous leaps and bound toward stabilizing the portfolio, and I think there is nothing but good things to come with the SaskParty and education.  But it is also my belief that someone like John is needed to support the current changes as they happen.
John is running for MLA, his passion is education and I would love to see him as the Minister of Education.  But I am very aware that is an extensive portfolio and it will take some political experience before he would be ready for such a portfolio.   Fingers cross, shoot for the stars is my philosophy.  He is not running for minister of education he is running for an MLA position.
Am I doing this because it might grow into a position for me as a SaskParty employee?  This might happen, but I am currently just finishing my Ph.D. and might accept some other possible ventures that are before me.   But I too, am passionate about education and having John run for the party which I support is a dream for me and I will do my best to make that happen and hopefully not put my foot in my mouth too often.  He has been a great thing for the STA, he would be a great thing for the STF, and he would be an awesome thing for the government.
It has been a stressful week for John as he is getting some (typical, or so I have been told) mudslinging his way, and there have also been some pot shots at myself as well.   I wish people would ask, don’t assume and both John and I will do our best to give you honest answers.  

It is my belief John has some very valuable skills which would be welcome in any community in which he decides to apply them, I for one and happy he has decided to apply them to the political party which I support.

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