Sunday, 19 April 2015

Cyber School vs Business Training Virtual Center

How does the cyber school differ from the business training virtual center?  In actual fact very little.  The cyber school was designed to transfer information into the heads of  students in grade 10 to 12.   The cyber school has for 14 years using trail and error to teach all the subjects offered in any normal high school.  So, approaches and procedures fail greatly and some did not and in the end we found we can actually teach students high school subjects via the internet.  The flexibility of allowing students to take courses when they want, work at the speed they wish and work on mastering the material can be used in the business world as well.

All the above stuff means the cyber school when used with business employees should be able to teach the training needed in the business.  It can be done anytime and anywhere since it is done over the internet.  This means no bringing all the employees into a center, allowing them to work on it when they have down time.  In the end it should save the business some money.

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