Monday, 20 April 2015

Some dark facts about schools, is business professional development any better?

Education needs to reflect the reality of the students living in the information age.  Authentic activities have real-world relevance is the most critical in any educational environment.  A couple of high school student’s quote clarifies how they feel about the current educational system. “We have learned to 'play school'. “We study the right facts the night before the test so we achieve a passing grade and thus become a successful student."  “It’s not attention deficit – I’m just not listening” (Ferriter, 2007 ¶ 3)!

The current approach to education has resulted in a dropout rate of nine point four percent (2005) and only twenty-eight percent of 12th grade high school students believe that school work is meaningful.  Twenty one percent believe that their courses are interesting and a mere thirty-nine percent believe that school work will have any bearing on their success in later life. (Wirt, Choy, Gerald, Provasnik, Rooney and Watanabe, 2002 p. 20)  Students today according to Gardner (1983) are “interpersonal, logical, spacial, intrapersonal, musical, linguistic, naturalist and Bodily-kinisthetic learners”(p. 6).  However Prensky (2001) proposes that “Today’s students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach” (¶ 1).   Furdyk  (2007) states “teachers need to exist in the spaces the students exist, understand their culture.  You have no credibility if you are not where they are” (taken from a keynote).  The information age allows the students the opportunity to “create, consume, remix and share material with each other” as described by Rainie (2006,  ¶ 3). 

How many of us have sat through a day of professional development or training and walked away thinking that was a total waste of time.  A waste because we already knew the material or a waste because it did not apply to all equally.  

Pre-testing, challenging the exam, smaller modules can all be used to personalize individualize education and training.  This is not possible with all your employees gathered in a room for eight hours but it is possible online, with interactive material, testing tools and ever-changing might want to consider the TADOworldwide alternative to training...after all it is virtual and cheaper than what you are doing now.

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