Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Grand Opening of the Darren Cannell Art Gallery

Today is the grand opening of the Darren Cannell Art Gallery.

I have not sold any of my art for 20 or so years and I have decided to open up my gallery so pop by and take a look.

I sell
Canvas Print
Framed Print
Acrylic Print
Metal Print
Greeting Cards
Throw Pillows
Duvet Covers
Phone covers

Currently there is only 60 images in the gallery but that will increase in the next couple of days.

Art Gallery Grand Opening
Announcing the Grand Opening of Darren Cannell's Art Gallery. It has been 20 years since his artwork has been seen in a gallery and sold. He for many years sold his art around the world and has won numerous awards. 

Recently he has been dedicating his time to digital art and you will be able to see some of his works as they are posted. 

As this gallery is just opening make sure you check back often as he will continue to post new images and make them available for sale.

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