Saturday, 6 June 2015

Lean Learning Laboratory

Join our Lean Learning Laboratory and work with masters and like minded professionals to learn a whole new approach to deliver high performance projects that is based upon best practices and lessons learned from the Lean Construction Industry. In our Integrated Projects Course you learn how to create a team and execute an IPD project, practice with the systems and collaborate with course participants to develop a PLAYBOOK for implementing an Integrated Project Delivery project. 

Lean is a new way of thinking that promotes collaboration, productive work flow and the elimination of waste.   Toyota who were pioneers of LEAN practices were able to transform and become the leader in automobile manufacturing.   Their book "The Toyota Way" the BIBLE for lean,  outlines the fourteen main principles that enables them to achieve operational excellence and become one of the most profitable manufacturing companies.   The Lean Construction Industry (LCI) has adopted these same principle and developed systems and processes for design and construction. In this module we will learn WHY Integrated Project Delivery is a far superior approach for managing a project.  How the The Last Planner System and Target Cost Design are used to optimize design and construction practice.  You will learn from case studies WHAT is achievable : 200% improvements in productivity, 40% less capital cost, 30% less operating cost and 20% more profit 

Estimated start date for this course is September 1, 2015.  Pre-Launch Sale will begin end of June, 2015. Spaces are limited.

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