Wednesday, 9 September 2015

50 Coupons to an online marketing course

I have 50 coupons which can be used by the reader of Teaching and Developing Online.  These coupons will give one access to The Online Marketing Crash Course.  These were given to me by a marketing person for this course.  This is not a TADOworldwide course this is an Udemy courses.  It is a video based course and might be of interest to some of you.   If you would like a coupon, add a comment to this post and I will forward the coupon to you.

This course was written by Aaron N. Fletcher

Be a better marketer and Learn more in the next 30 days than most small business owners will ever know
Dear small business owners and bloggers,
Do you struggle to find the time, money and expertise required for success in online marketing?
If you're like me, your inbox is flooded with marketing messages, spanning every imaginable topic: SEO, social media, blogging, copywriting, web design, etc. You may be also getting bombarded with offers, webinars, courses and videos, all pointing you to the next "bright shiny object", trick and tactic that promises to double your traffic overnight. Yuck!
While there are many great, trusted online marketing resources out there, most of us feel like we're constantly gathering pieces of a ginormous jigsaw puzzle. What you really need is the puzzle itself!
The 30-Day Online Marketing Crash Course is super-simple, "geek-free" blueprint that walks you through proven, actionable steps to establish the right foundation for online success.
30-Day Online Marketing Crash Course Outline
  • Lesson 1 sets the stage for your online marketing by using a simple but powerful, 3-step funnel to view and measure your online marketing strategy
  • Lesson 2 is all about WordPress, the best, most powerful and easiest- to-use website platform for small businesses
  • Lesson 3 reveals 8 secrets of user engagement: how to build instant trust and authority with your audience
  • Lesson 4 covers 12 ways to double conversion rates, generating more opt-ins and leads. Just one of the strategies in this video can be used to double your website's conversion rates!
  • Lesson 5 "SEO Made Simple" is a straightforward, easy-to-understand overview of how Google works and how to find and use the right keywords to reach your audience
  • Lesson 6 lays out the top 10 places to reach your audience online and best practices for listing your business, engaging in groups, industry blogs and forums
  • Lesson 7 covers the basic website metrics that every business owner needs to know and includes an awesome "one-click" at-a-glance Google Analytics dashboard!
  • Lesson 8 details a unique content strategy unlocking 6 highly effective content marketing secrets that large brands and publishers use to exponentially "multiply" the reach for every piece of content you produce.
  • Lesson 9 "Blogging made simple" will walk you through the Anatomy of a Perfect Blog post, providing a simple template for creating great, highly engaging blogs every time.
  • Lesson 10 "Intro to Online Video" simplifies the process for creating editing, publishing and marketing great web videos and video blogs, including the "$199 video studio."
  • Lesson 11 will teach you how to get more online reviews, referrals and renewals using proven and inexpensive email marketing tools.
  • Lesson 12 the 30-Day Quick Action Checklist walks you through a series of simple and specific daily steps that will take you from zero to online marketing ninja in one month flat! This last lesson contains 5 additional tutorial bonus videos
Don't let the low price fool you! I set out to make the best introductory online marketing course available, revealing a simple and proven blueprint for growing your business. There are many courses available for $497, $997 or more. My passion is helping business owners succeed by making this highly valuable material available to everyone with the desire to build a thriving online business. Take action, implement the 30-Day Quick Action Plan provided in Lesson 12 and please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks and Happy Marketing!
Aaron, Liz and Maddy
Geek-Free Marketing, Inc.
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  1. Over 13 lectures and 4 hours of content!
  2. Get more leads and customers using a proven, foolproof strategy
  3. Over 3 hours of unique and powerful marketing content
  4. Simple to follow 30-Day Action Plan provided
  5. Implement a simple online marketing plan that works
  6. Reach your audience everywhere they hang out online
  7. Launch a simple but powerful WordPress website
  8. Create killer content and syndicate it across the web
  9. Write simple and compelling blog posts
  10. Create super engaging online videos


  1. Basic working knowledge or WordPress
  2. 1 Hour per day to implement Quick Action Steps


  1. Small business owners looking for more traffic and customers online
  2. Bloggers looking for a clear-cut content marketing strategy

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