Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Lean Project Delivery Course

Well, it has been eight years since we first published “Design-Build-LEED-Cx” an article describing why working with contractors and designers is a spirit of collaboration is a much better way to deliver building projects.  It took two bailouts by the same contractor to realize they need to be at the table during design where the opportunity to add value is the greatest. This contractor fixed a broken design by saving $1.7M on a $7.5M budget and our team proceeded to deliver a LEED GOLD project that achieved 55% less energy use. 
To try and market this new collaborate high performance building approach we decided that it needed a better name.  Why not expand “Integrated Designs” to include the whole project team, “Integrated Project Delivery” (IPD). When we searched the name, we discovered a whole new world (132,000 hits) of pioneers already practicing this collaborative approach more formally known as relational contracting. We drew up a graphic wrote some papers and started to market this new approach.
Since 2007, we have adopted lean project delivery (LPD) for over ten projects, our first being the $80M Richardson College for Environment Project and our most recent the Mosaic Centre a Living Building Challenge projects that is out to prove we can achieve triple bottom line economics in the building industry. By eliminating waste the significant amount of waste in traditional processes we can afford to build beautiful building that provide productive work spaces for the people and take care of the planet at very little if any additional cost. 
Companies that are early adopters of this new approach are creating a significant competitive advantage for themselves by achieving a higher level of customer satisfaction, greater productivity and profitability. The process also achieves improved safety, reduced risk and shorter project schedules.   
The LPD system is supported by the Lean Construction Institute (LCI), the local communities of practices that provide professional development opportunities for there growing membership. 
Our goal in providing this course is straightforward.  We want to demystify the world of lean design and construction to empower more people to deliver exceptional high performance (WOW) projects. They need to be taking care of the planet, they need to provide productive workspaces for people and they need to be profitable. (Triple Bottom Line) 
This course will distill all of the jargon, knowledge and multitude of processes into 3 simple things! 
How to assemble a great TEAM, implement the SYSTEM & COLLABORATE to deliver a WOW project 
Not only will you be provided with great information in a collaborative online working environment that promotes learning but you will also come away with a Lean Project Playbook that will empower you to take your projects to a much higher level!

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