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Increase Your Digital Clout Day 2/30

Top Social Media Sites

Top Social Media Sites

To start your journey you need to choose one of the top social network sites which will be your base of operations. 
When talking about the top social media sites, we are looking at:
Those are not in any order since it is fairly hard to find out which one is the most popular as the results are all skewed.  It is one of the challenges that you will have when you try to find out how successful your network actually is as well.  When you are finished the 30 day process you will be shocked at how many people start to quote, refer to, and mention the things you have done via your network.   It has power. 

A Personal Sidebar   

When I first started my network I used blogger, I started it because I wanted a place to store my thoughts and instructions to the teachers who were working in the Cyber School in which I was the administrator.  This communication from me to my online teachers was on the web and could be found at that time by the robot crawlers and search engines (my blog was established in 2003).  For a years I wrote the daily thoughts, posted daily quotes, made up daily cartoons, and share articles with my staff. Sometime during this first year,  I was approached by University of British Columbia asking if I would like to use their blogging service to post my blog as a lot of people were reading the entries.  A request to which I agreed and left me wondering how many people were actually reading my blog.  So I posted a messages asking could you reply to this post if you are not a teacher in my cyber school and if you are reading my blog.  The responses shocked me, the location that responses came from shocked me, they came from all around the world, and I was overwhelmed and shocked.  I thought I was talking to my staff of 10 teachers when every day I was really standing on a mountain top yelling so loud people around the world were hearing me.  I quickly tried to recall if I had posted anything that would be embarrassing, why was everyone reading this blog, maybe I should check my grammar and spelling more closely?  All sort of things were running through my head and I started to …

This shocked me into a couple of silent days on my blog, but I started to think…it is not just my staff reading and can I leverage this to make a name for myself and for the online school in which I worked.  My writing according to some comments were interesting because I was writing without worrying about who was reading them.  I was just posting my thoughts, opinions, humor and processes.  I was not concerned about what people thought or if the grammar and spelling were of grad school quality, and after checking I can say I was being a professional and had not posted anything which would make my mother blush.  So after the initial shock of being heard by so many I went back to my normal daily posts and continue to write like I was talking to my staff since that is what attracted people to the blog in the first place.  But always in the back of my mind was…Holy Crow a lot of people are reading my stuff!  This could be useful.
My base of operation is on the blogger site . 
It is where I started and I have not moved from a blog being my base.  You will need to choose a base of operations.  If you decided to use a blog the two most commonly used software for creating blogs are blogger  and WordPress .  They are both very good blogging software, so use whichever one you like.  Don’t send me a bunch of comments about which one is better than the other, it is like the Mac and PC users, loyal until death.  You can use any type of blog as long as it has an RSS feed generator.  I have never seen a blog that does not but just in case.  If you do not know what an RSS feed is…don’t panic it is not that important at this stage of the game and if you do not know what it is then use the blogger or wordpress software.
I am going to use Project Management terminology to make this process clear. 

The Project

  • Building a Foundation for a Social Media Network.

Deliverables  ( is a noun)

  • Establish a base network (A single social network site)

Task  (is a verb)

  • Decide what you are going to use as the base.
  • Register for it and create your first entry.
In normal English the project will never change for the 30 days.  The Project is the overall goal, it is what we are trying to achieve, and it is what we are going to build.  The Deliverable is what we are going to create, it will be a thing.  How we are going to create it is called theTasks.
When deciding which one of the four you are going to use some thought should be put into it.  The four that I am talking about are Twitter Facebook , Google+, Linkedin  or Blog . 
As I said I decided to use a blog just because it is not as restrictive like the Twitter’s limit on the number of characters, but is very similar to what you can do in Facebook and Google+.  If I was a betting man, I think Google+ in increasing in size while the Facebook is starting to lose some ground.  However my wife will not allow me to bet so pick the one that you like best.  Since it will be difficult to write these instructions from four different perspectives I will be writing them from the perspective of the blog being the base.  The blog software as stated will be blogger. 
Whichever the four you decide to use, you will need to on this day, register yourself or your business and enter your first entry.

How to register on facebook -
How to register on twitter -
How to register on google -
How to create a blog -
YouTube is an awesome source of tutorials…so if any of the videos above don’t tell you what you need to know then search for a better one.
This ends the first day to you becoming a social media rock star.   Be patient, day two will be here soon enough.  If you are bored, maybe do a few more entries into your new base network site.  Get use to using it, look up some tutorials on how to better use the software because it is your base.  It is the core of your whole network it is like the sun in our solar system.

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